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    People from Economic & Information Center made inspection at Anhui Jiawen factory 2021-01-11

    People from Economic & Information Center made inspection at Anhui Jiawen factory, which locates at Southern Development Zone of Linbi.

    They inspected manufacturing workshop, packing workshop and polishing workshop. Factory Head, Mr. Li, introduced in detail current condition of industry development, project development, equipment operation and manufacturing efficiency. In addition, 2020 manufacture and operation situation as well as 2021 plan and guarantee methods, and manufacturing plan from January to March 2021 are also introduced.


    Introduction of equipment operation and manufacturing efficiency 


    How spare parts been made at manufaction site.

    Leaders of Economic & Information Center fully affirmed intelligent manufacturing project, pointed that factory’s idea and work is at advanced position. With correct direction, clear way and obvious effect, the project is worth to be promoted and demonstrated. The factory is encouraged to take the advantage of intelligent manufacturing to increase investment on research, to bring typicality and demonstration into full play, and to lead the industry in to higher stage.

    ?2016 Shanghai Jiawen Performance Industries Co.,Ltd. 滬ICP備15002810

    Floor 5, building 3, No. 85, Mingnan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201613, China.

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