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    Anhui “4 Provides & 1Service” working group interviewed JiaWen factory in Anhui Province. 2020-11-04

    On Nov. 4th 2020, Anhui “4 Provides & 1Service” working group interviewed JiaWen factory in Anhui Province. With steady rise of annual revenue, JiaWen factory is appointed as key enterprise of Anhui by working group. This interview covered questions like factory basic information, 3-5 years development plan, current development bottleneck, local policy or service demands and so on.


    Factory director Li Xiaohong handled this interview and discussed with working group. To summarize as the following: 1, Factory has sufficient orders as products are mainly exported to European and American markets. Factory advantage lies in high quality with comparatively low price. 2, Due to difficult recruitment of workers, factory will transform to automation equipment in next 3-5 years. Presently laser cutting machine is adopted, robot welding and automatic pipe bending system will be applied later. 3, With not too big scale, factory has accepted help and support from government, and has been able to enjoy many benefits brought by policy. Factory has received real dividends by applying for the subsidy in line with factory. In terms of personnel demand, the government is also vigorously promoting to help recruit good stuffs.

    After deep discussion, this interview confirmed our belief: To increase annual revenue firmly, to boost factory scale, government support will be the strongest back-up. 

    4 Provides and 1 Service: Provide idea, provide supporting policy, provide innovative projects, provide production factors. Serve physical economy.


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